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Flavia has been outstanding. Her approach has been highly organised, insightful and systematic. Her style has been motivating, empathetic and a pleasure to work with. She’s helped me a lot to uncover unhealthy beliefs and chip away at them into healthier beliefs. This has had a big positive impact on my life. Thank you Flavia!

JP - 35 - Male - London

Thank you for all the help you have provided me over the last several months. There has been a clear, consistent change in my demeanor. I can see it and my wife can see it.  The tools you have given me are valuable in as much as I still use them to evaluate my inner moods and thought processes.  It was also just a pleasure working with you as it was clear you had given a lot of thought to my situation and were trying to tailor the process so it would work best for me

MF - Male - 34- London

I found my therapy with Flavia hugely beneficial. Her personable disposition and reactive approach helped me to open up and make the most out of the sessions. REBT was the right therapy style for me - logical, pragmatic and compassionate. Flavia’s enthusiasm to discover and explore my hidden beliefs helped me in my journey and equipped my with techniques that are right for me. I liked the mentoring and philosophical style of the therapy. It enabled me to start facing problems with strength and acceptance.

MW - Female - 36 - London

 Flavia assisted me during a series of sessions - mainly focussing around REBT over a period of 3-5 months. During this time, she helped me significantly to take perspective on my life and my ability to handle the different stressors within it - and to come out the other side a healthier, happier and more positive person. I thank her for all her excellent work and her gentle and sensitive approach to a number of tricky topics.

AW - Male - 35 - London